Chocolates & Truffles

Pralines, Truffles, Centre Fills, Origin Chocolates,
No Added Sugar Chocolates


Tiramisu,Triple Layer Baverian , Vanilla Pannacota, Red Velvet Dessert,
New York Cheese Cake, And Many More


Mexican savoury ,double chocolate chip cookies ,
orange drop cookies , cooknie , hazelnut mini crunch,
molten lava cookies, almond biscotti , florentine cookies ,
& many more


Dragee Centre with Almonds, Cashew Or Peanuts.
Chocolate Coated , Chocolate & Sugar Shell,
Flavoured & Branding On Dragees


Florentines , English Brittles , English Toffee, Almond
& Caramel Short Bread & Caramel Sticks

Dates & Baklava

Filled & Enrobed Dates, Baklava , Choc Amore


Eggless Macarons ! Need we say more.
Tiramisu, Limone, Chocolate, Red Velvet and more


Walnut Brownie, Oreo, No Bake Brownie, Cheese & Cappuccino , Almond & Caramel & More

Hot Chocolate, Fudge & Preserves

To A Fantastic Morning!
Hot Chocolate Powder, Hot Fudge Sauce, Peanut Butter & Walnut Fudge Figs & Cinnamon Preserve, Apricot Preserve, Strawberry Preserve & Raspberry Preserve .